Earth Science is used in this experiment where students learn how to identify and measure different properties of sand.

This printable education experiment contains a detailed teachers' guide, and three-page student worksheet for printing and distributing in the classroom.

Age Level

This experiment is designed for ages 12-14. It can be adapted for physical science orintroductory chemistry classes.


Rocks and Minerals; Weathering, Soil and Erosion; Science as Inquiry; and Data Analysis.


  1. 1. To gain experience in collecting mass readings and averaging a set of data.
  2. 2. To graph data and find the slope of the graph.
  3. 3. To understand the relationship between mass and volume. (density = mass/volume).
  4. 4. To compare the density of different sand samples


SOIL CHEMISTRY - Dealing with Data Can Get Rough! (PDF)