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Committed to Creating a 

Sustainable Workplace Environment

Adam Equipment is committed to reducing the impact that our products and packaging has on the planet. We continually take steps to minimise our carbon footprint through improved sustainability practices. 

Sustainability is a key element of our business proposition. Our products allow companies to improve their efficiency in operations, ensure accuracy in production and help to reduce production waste. Customers save time and money by implementing weighing processes that help to meet quality needs and controls demanded under ISO standards.

How Adam works with the ENVIRONMENT under Sustainability


The company employs people in all continents to provide a local service and support, minimising transport effects on the environment by ensuring the most efficient distribution of our products. We work with transport providers wherever possible to ship goods to customers using the most environmentally friendly methods. In some areas, we also carry out deliveries in our own vehicles, planning the shortest routes.



In the product design stage, the environmental impact is considered. For example, in raw material selection, we often use recycled materials in components such as product case housings, glass and packaging. Some product cases are made from second generation plastic materials that have been recycled already. Products are designed with longevity in mind to minimise the impact of waste / end of life disposal.



Packaging materials are designed to use cardboard instead of polystyrene wherever possible, the internal packaging is made from second generation ”egg crate type” cardboard that is moulded to fit the products. This customised design protects the products whilst allowing the packaging material to be recycled again after use.



Our factory in China actively runs a recycling programme for waste cardboard that is generated by our third-party subcontractor suppliers. We collect the cardboard, bail it up and send it for recycling. Waste swarf from the CNC operations is also collected and returned for recycling. Wooden pallets used for shipping goods are made from sustainable forests and recognised legal sources. Wastepaper and catalogues / marketing material is also recycled at local plants. Each branch also operates its own recycling plan, which includes collecting waste scrap material, batteries and pcb from customers' end-of-life machines, and recycling them in local facilities, wherever possible. The company also complies with WEEE regulations for Electronic / Electrical equipment as well as Battery and Packaging regulations.


How Adam works with HUMAN RIGHTS under Sustainability 


Our greatest asset is the staff who work for our company. Many of these employees have been working for us for over 20 years, and some for more than 30 years. This demonstrates that Adam provides a healthy, safe, and happy environment. We help build our employee morale by hosting events such as family days and team building events. Adam is an equal opportunities employer, and compliance with employment and all local laws is respected and strictly followed. In all operations, the company pays a living wage as a minimum to its employees. All insurance, benefits and pension schemes are provided, and all taxes are paid in the area where the profits are generated regardless of tax rates.

The company respects the right of the employee to form a union and carry out any negotiations under collective bargaining. We work with unions in our factory to help ensure that a positive and safe working environment exists.



The Company Management carries out audits on its company branches and communicates regularly with employees regarding benefits and legislation. A culture of respect and fairness when working with colleagues exists in all areas.



Suppliers are audited for their compliance against the company’s requirements to forbid child labour, forced labour or any kind of unsatisfactory working conditions. A Code of Conduct for suppliers has been issued detailing our expectations for both our business partners and for suppliers who sign and agree to abide by it.


How Adam works with ANTI-CORRUPTION under Sustainability 


Adam does not tolerate any form of corruption. Each office supplies the details of anti-corruption legislation, and notices are prominently displayed. The company does not engage in bribery to win customer business, nor from suppliers to win ours. No bribes, incentives, or facilitation payments are paid under any circumstances.


Policy and Practices

As a proud member of the Indutrade Group, we subscribe the Group policy and practices. Please click here to see the Indutrade Sustainability Report.

Adam Equipment is always striving to create a better

environment for customers, staff, and the world.