Cruiser CKT Bench Checkweighing Scales

Grouped product items
Product NamePrice Qty
CKT 4 Capacity : 4kg Readability : 0.1g
CKT 8 Capacity : 8kg Readability : 0.2g
CKT 16 Capacity : 16kg Readability : 0.5g
CKT 32 Capacity : 32kg Readability : 1g
CKT 48 Capacity : 48kg Readability : 2g
CKT 8H Capacity : 8kg Readability : 0.1g
Ideal for inventory control or packaging tasks, the CKT can save money by reducing waste and overages. Repetitive weighing tasks are accomplished quickly with a backlit display that changes colours to show if a sample is under, over, or within the preset limits.